The Institute of Environment and Recreation Management


The IERM has approximately 1000 members of which 100 are municipalities.

The membership of the IERM consists of managers responsible for management processes involving:

  • Cemeteries and Crematoria
  • Public Parks
  • Environmental Management & Planning
  • Nature Conservation
  • Community Recreation a& Recreation Facilities
  • Urban Greening
  • Arboriculture & Urban Agriculture

The IERM's branch meetings, congresses, seminars and advocacy work for the industry, offer members exposure and access to creative thinking in integrated and sustainable environmental and recreation management.

Membership Benefits

Membership of one or more learned societies is essential for the development of a successful professional career.  This particular institute provides municipal managers with a platform for interactions and networking with colleagues in the industry.

Membership will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to meet and interact with colleagues in your industry
  • You can learn about the macro socio-political drivers in your industry
  • A chance to compare your thinking on issues with that of your peers
  • The Institute provides a platform to profile yourself in the industry
  • You can demonstrate your thought leadership in a peer environment
  • Industry trends and issues can be tracked and monitored
  • An opportunity to participate in your industry on a national level